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Frequently Asked Questions

Why purchase our luxury hair extensions from us?

Our company takes the utmost care in ensuring that we deliver a quality product to all of our customers. HairKeir by Kei™ was created and designed by a biotechnologist with over 15 years of experience in the hair care industry. Using the founders’ expansive knowledge of hair and quality hair extensions our Signature Collection was designed with the everyday woman in mind.

What does this mean for you the hair extension wearer? This means LESS maintenance.

The variety of different styling options offered by our Signature Kollection leaves no style to the imagination. Our hair textures and curl patterns are suitable for all hair types (African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, etc). We guarantee that are products are 100% pure and natural and have never been chemically treated unless otherwise mentioned.

HairKeir by Kei™ understands that choosing the appropriate virgin hair extensions can be a difficult and sometimes frustrating process. Keeping that in mind, our luxury hair extensions were designed for those individuals who no longer want their hair extensions to dictate their lives. Our luxury hair extensions have been ocean tested, heat resistant, and are microwave safe. Say yes to super quick deep conditioning treatments. Our luxury hair extensions will have you feeling like a new and improved woman. Why not look better and feel better instantly?

What makes HairKeir by Kei™ luxury hair extensions different from its competitors?

The hair extensions offered by HairKeir by Kei™ were designed and tested to ensure supreme quality. We are a luxury hair extension company that not only provide hair, but support throughout the weaving process. As we continue to grow and expand our company's vision we ask that you keep in touch. Most importanly we want you to ENJOY YOUR HAIR. Keep in mind that our hair has been trial tested in Europe, Africa, and South America. Our hair is guaranteed to weather the elements, but must importantly our hair has been color, ocean, heat, and shedding tested. Our hair has been retrieved from only the healthiest donors with cuticles intact and undisturbed.

How much hair do I need?

Each bundle in our Signature Collection is approximately 3.5 oz (100 grams). If you are purchasing hair under 14”, two bundles are required for complete installation. A third bundle can be purchased for fullness depending on your head size. If you are purchasing hair 16”-22", three bundles are required for complete installation. If you are purchasing hair 24”+, three to four bundles are required for complete installation. Please note that as the length of the hair increases the length of the weft decreases.

How long does our hair last?

The life expectancy of our hair is dependent on the care that is provided by the wearer. Following a weekly/biweekly care regimen will ensure that our hair lasts for a minimum of one to two years. For the best results, net installations are recommended and should be worn no longer than 2.5-3 months. “Keiring” about your hair will increase the life expectancy of your hair extensions substantially. Don't be surprised when you have this hair in your collection for years to come!

Can our hair be colored?

ABSOLUTELY, YES! Our hair is 100% virgin and can be bleached or dyed to any color you desire. Please consult with a hair professional for coloring options to ensure that hair is not damaged by harsh coloring chemicals.

How is our hair measured?

Each bundle is measured by length when hair is straight.

When should I expect my hair?

Once your order has been processed, shipping can take 3-5 business days.

What should I do if the hair style and length that I want is not available on the site?

Don't panic. If you do not see a particular style you are looking for photos can be submitted for special orders. These photos can be submitted to please be sure to include the lengths that you desire. Special orders require payment after style has been confirmed and an additional fee ($30) will be charged. Special orders may take up to 2 weeks for ordering and processing.